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Stars Rewards Chests explanation

Every time you complete a progress bar, you earn a Chest.

With Stars Rewards, Chests contain randomized rewards that relate to the activities you enjoy! There are six different Chest types of increasing worth, each with a distinctive color.

The higher the Chest type, the more valuable the Chest is. Bigger Chests will give you much more valuable prizes on average. As soon as you've earned a Chest, you'll receive a new progress bar.

Completed Chests can be opened before, during, or after your session, and expire after 30 calendar days if unopened. Once expired, Chests have no value and cannot be retrieved. The actual rewards will be configured by the system at the time you open a Chest, not at the time you earn them.

You can move up or down the Chest types based on how many Chests you earn within a rolling 28-day period.


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