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Chests explanation

What are Chests?

Whenever you join our games and play with us, you earn reward points that help fill up a progress bar. Collect enough points to complete your progress bar and you'll receive a Chest with amazing rewards based entirely on your recent activity and depend on what games you prefer to play. For example, if you only play poker, then you will only receive poker rewards.

There are six different types of Chests with different colors. The higher the Chest type, the more valuable the prizes inside the Chest will be. Every time you unlock a Chest you'll get a new progress bar.

More information you should know

Earned Chests can be opened before, during, or after your session. But be careful not to miss out on any prizes, as unlocked Chests expire after 30 calendar days.

You can move up or down the Chest types based on how many Chests you earn within a rolling 28-day period.


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