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Reward points explanation

Collect reward points and make the most of our loyalty program. Here's what you need to know about them:

What are reward points?

When you play for real money in any of our games, you'll earn reward points. They measure your real money activity on our platforms and track your advancement towards completing your progress bar.

Collect enough reward points and fill up your progress bar to receive a Chest. These are filled with awesome prizes like tournament entries and StarsCoin! You can then use StarsCoin to buy items from our Rewards Store.

What are the differences between reward points and redemption points?

Reward points are earned by playing real money games. They measure your progress as you collect points to complete your progress bar and win Chests. You can also receive reward points in Chests.

Redemption points are separate. They're used to release the bonuses you receive when you play in our games. These bonuses will have a certain amount of redemption points that you need to get before the bonus can be issued.

However, neither of them holds monetary value and cannot be exchanged or transferred.

How often will you credit reward points?

Our loyalty program compensates players by various factors such as the volume and frequency of play, stakes, and net deposits. There's also an element of randomness in the rewards you receive when opening Chests.

In poker and casino, reward points are credited to your progress bar every five minutes, whenever you have earned 5% or more of your total reward points needed to complete the progress bar or whenever you leave a table.

In sports, you'll receive reward points once the bet is settled. For example, a player with a progress bar of 2,000 reward points would see the progress added for every 100 reward points they earned.

Be mindful that some of our products might not be available in your country.


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