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Updating your phone number

You can register one mobile number per account. This rule applies to all our licenses.

How can I update my phone number?

To change it yourself, follow the instructions below according to the platform you're using.

If, while updating your number, you get an error because it doesn't meet the minimum length, add zeros at the beginning.


Press the button below to change your registered phone number from our website. You'll need to log in if you aren't already.

Just enter the digits in the 'Phone Number' field, then press 'Apply'.

Phone number updating steps


Choose this button to change your number via your mobile phone. You'll be prompted to log in if you aren't already.

Enter the digits in the 'Phone Number' field, then tap 'Apply'.

Phone number updating steps

Phone number updating steps

Desktop software

Log in to your account from our software, and follow these steps:

  1. Choose 'Settings' from the main lobby.
  2. Select 'Account Details'.
  3. Then choose 'Phone'.
  4. Add or change your phone number. The country code is already filled in, so enter only the remaining digits.
  5. Finish by pressing 'Apply'.

Phone number updating steps

Can I use my phone number on a different account?

Yes, but to register your number to another account, you need to remove it from your current one.

First, access the same section of your account described above. Next, tap the trash can icon next to your number, then press 'Apply'. You can also change the number by writing over it with a different one.

Once you remove this number from your account, you'll be able to log in to your other account and follow the instructions above to add it.


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