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Changing your registered mailing address

To change your mailing address, log into your account and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Settings;
  2. Select Account Details;
  3. Click on Address;
  4. Enter your new address;
  5. Click on Apply.

Mailing address update steps

For security reasons, players are not allowed to change their country of residence themselves.

To change your registered country:

  1. Click on More;
  2. Click on Help;
  3. Click on Contact Us;
  4. Select the Account Security and Verification category;
  5. Select the Upload documents sub-category;
  6. Enter Change of Country in the subject line field;
  7. Type the reason for your request in the body of the message;
  8. Click on Attach a document and upload:
    • a copy of your government issued ID
    • a valid proof of address showing your name and address in the new country
  9. Click on Send.


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