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Logging out of your account

You can log out of our software by following the appropriate steps for the platform you are using:

Desktop software

From the lobby, go to 'Settings' (press 'More' if you don't see this option) → 'Account Details' → 'Log Out & Exit'.

  1. Press on your username (top-right of our website).
  2. When the account management options appear, scroll to the bottom of the menu and select 'Logout'.

Finally, confirm that you want to log out of our website.

Mobile app

To log out from our app, go to 'Account' → 'Logout'.

If you want to place our app in the background, press the home button once (bottom-middle of your device or screen).

To close our app:

  • iOS: Hit the home button twice, then slide our app's preview upwards.
  • Android: Press the recent apps button (bottom-right of your screen), then slide our app's preview upwards.

If the background and closing instructions don't apply to your device, refer to your device's user manual.


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