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Free Bets: Everything you need to know

We award Free Bets to our customers through various promotions and marketing campaigns. If you've received one, you can use it to place bets on our sports site.

Where can I see if I have any Free Bets?

To see if you have any Free Bets, go to the Sports section of your account. On the right-hand side of the screen, in the same area where you see the 'Bet Slip' and 'Open Bets', is the Free Bet tab. If you have any Free Bets available, a number will show next to the 'Free Bet' tab. For example, (1) indicates you have one Free Bet, and from there, you can find out the details of each Free Bet.

How do I use a Free Bet?

To use a Free Bet, choose the wager you want to place. If the wager type allows you to use a Free Bet, pick the Free Bet from the drop-down menu within the 'Bet Slip' and select 'Place Bet'. Free Bets can't be split and can only be used once.

Where can I see if I can win Free Bets?

Head to the Promotions section of our Sports website to see our current offers specifying 'Free Bets' as a prize.

Why is my Free Bet missing?

You'll see Free Bets in your account if your preferred currency is the same as the currency of Free Bet issued. For example, if your selected currency is USD, but you get a EUR Free Bet, you won't be able to see it. So you'll need to switch your preferred currency to EUR.

To switch your preferred currency, visit the Cashier, and select:

  • Manage Currencies → Preferred Currency (then choose your currency)

For the update to take place, log out from your account and log back in. Your preferred currency will show first in the Cashier and will be your default currency.

Why can't I use my Free Bet?

If you're having trouble using your Free Bet, double-check that the requirements below are being met:

  • Free Bets can be used on single wagers, doubles, or any other type of accumulators. Free Bets can't be used on system bets or Spin & Bet.
  • There are no minimum odds required, or other rules, so as long as you select an eligible wager, the option to use the Free Bet should be visible.

You can use your Free Bets on many different wagers, but to use the exciting Spin & Bet feature, you'll need to place a bet using real money. This is because 10% of all money staked on Spin & Bet goes directly towards funding the increased payouts you could win.


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