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Bet settlement information: betting history and bet cancellation

In this article, you'll find information about bet settlement and canceling bets.

How do I check my betting history?

To access your betting history via our website, use the button below and log in to your account:

Betting History

Or, go to the main lobby of the desktop software and select:

  1. Tools
  2. Sports
  3. Betting history

When will my bet be settled?

Bets are usually settled within an hour. Sometimes there may be delays because we have to wait for the official result from the source providers.

If it's been a long time since the official result release, you can contact us anytime via our 24/7 Live Chat feature.

To access Live Chat, log into your account and go to:

  • Website/Mobile: Account → Help → Contact Us
  • Desktop: Help → Contact Us

Can I cancel a bet?

Unfortunately, once a bet has been placed, it can't be canceled. This is stated in our rules under the 'Bet Acceptance' section on our 'Sports Rules' page:

"[...] once accepted, a bet will remain valid and cannot be canceled or changed. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure the details of the bets placed are correct."

For a complete overview of the rules, visit the 'How To' section at the bottom of our Sports homepage.


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