Mobile Cashier

The Mobile Cashier allows you to manage your bankroll and make real money transactions into your Stars Account direct from your mobile device. It’s perfect for use with the Mobile app, and makes it even easier to play on the move, anytime, anywhere!

Players with Android™ and iOS devices can access the Mobile Cashier via our Mobile app.

Using Mobile Cashier on your Mobile Device:

  • Log-in to the app using your regular Stars ID and password.
  • Click ‘Cashier’. You can also find the Cashier option under the ‘More’ menu.
  • If this is the first time you have ever deposited into your Stars Account, you will need to fill in the ‘Advanced Profile Form’ provided in the Mobile Cashier.
  • You can then use your mobile/tablet device to make deposits using any of the available payment options.
  • To withdraw funds, click ‘Menu’ and then ‘Cash out’. Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete your request.

Please Note: Please visit the Mobile Cashier to see the list of available payment methods in your region.

IMPORTANT! In order to avoid being temporarily blocked by the system, please remember to always log out before closing your mobile app. If you do get blocked, please wait 10 minutes before you try to log back in.

Contact Support if you have any questions about using the Mobile Cashier on your device.